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English OnLine Bible Sites and Study Helps

Bible Study Helps and Resources Links to Bible study resources online.

The Bible Says Page What the Bible says about certain topics, also listed are great chapters of the Bible and great people.

Multiple Language OnLine Bibles

The Gospel in 90 Languages Click Here
ARTFL Project: Bibles
Browse or search multiple, cross-linked, versions of the Bible by language.
Arabic: Arabic Online Bible
Arabic: Arabic Online Bible - Gospel of John and Acts - RealAudio
Norwegian,  resources, and different versions of the bible, in various languages.
Czech, Holy Bible in Czech Language
Chinese: Boston Chinese Bible Study Resources
Bible Study Guides and Chinese Bible Resources. Includes a downloadable Chinese Bible.
Chinese: Internet Chinese-English Bible
Chinese: On-line Chinese Bible (Ho-ho version)

Chinese: Jedaiah Bible Study
Chinese: Jedaiah Bible Tool

Danish: Dette er s Bibelen, 1933 (
Farsi: Farsi (Persian) Bible - Contemporary Translation
Finnish: Raamattu, 1933, 1938 Translation
Finnish: Raamattu, 1992 Translation
French: 1910 French translation of the Bible by Louis Segond
French: WWW Bible Gateway - Book list for Franais-LSG
German: ARTFL Project: Luther Bible
Search only
German: ARTFL Project: Revidierte Elberfelder Bibel
R. Brockhaus Verlag 1985 [searchable]
German: Die Bibel, Martin Luther translation (University of Michigan)
Extensive searching capability (simple, proximity, boolean, citation) as well as the ability to browse by chapter.
German: Die Bibel, translated by Luther
German: Die Elberfelder Bibel
German: German Bible (
Books in alphabetical order
German: WWW Bible Gateway - Book list for Deutsch-Elberfelder
Greek: FTP archive for Greek Bibles
Contains greek New Testament and United Bible Society's Greek New Testament
Hebrew: Haftarot
The Haftarot are selections from the Prophets section of the Bible that accompany the weekly and holiday Torah readings. They are presented here in Hebrew and English, along with a transliteration. Audio files are included with each Haftarah to demonstrate the chanting of every verse.
Hebrew: Torah Portions
Read the Torah in Hebrew or learn to chant a Torah portion. Includes a notated version with vowels, punctuation and musical notation, an unnotated version, as it appears in the Torah scroll. An English translation and transliteration are also included, and audio files demonstrate the chanting of every verse.
Indonesian: Electronic Bible
Indonesian translation of the Bible, published by LAI/LBI (Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia/Lembaga Biblika Indonesia).
Italian: La Bibbia
Japanese: New Japanese Bible (New Testament)
Korean: Korean Bible Gateway
Korean: Study Bible
Latin: Jerome's Latin Vulgate (ARTFL)
Latin: Jerome's Latin Vulgate (Bible Browser)
From the Bible Browser
Latin: Jerome's Latin Vulgate (WWW Bible Gateway)
Latin: Jerome's Latin Vulgate (
Books in alpahabetical order
Multiple Languages Bibles

Macedonian Bible (online)

Norwegian: Bibelen, Den Hellige Skrift
Norsk 1930 og King James Version side om side.
Online Bible
This site allows you display selected versions in any of the following versions: 1933 Lutherse vertaling, 1750 Staten vertaling, 1769 Authorized King James, 1910 Louis Segond, 1909 Reina-Valera, 1912 Luther.
Quechua: Book of Luke in the Quechua language
Russian: Hyper-Biblia [Synodal (Orthodox) Version]
Hyper-Biblia is a hypertext Russian Bible using the Synodal (Orthodox) Edition of the Russian Bible as its base, but we have used search and replace to change just over 100 archaic Russian words for modern Russian words.
Russian: Russian Bible
KOI8 cyrillic fonts are required.
Scripture in different languages
Spanish: WWW Bible Gateway - Book list for Espaol-RVA
Swahili: Swahili Bible (partial) (
Books in alpahabetical order
Swedish: Bibeln, 1917 eller Den Heliga Skrift (
Gopher, by ordered chapters
Swedish: Bibeln, 1917 eller Den Heliga Skrift (
Single text file
Swedish: WWW Bible Gateway - Book list for Swedish-SV1917
Tagalog: WWW Bible Gateway - Book list for Tagalog-Tagalog
John and James only now, but will soon have complete Bible
Turkish: Mjde
New Testament, by chapter

Resources For Printed Bibles in Many Languages

Foreign Language Christian Resources
Online Catalog contains Scriptures in over 90 languages, Christian books in about 45 languages, the Who Is Jesus? tract, Bible-based ESL materials, the JESUS Video in over 300 languages, plus a variety of foreign-language Christian videos.

The Bible League they are doing more to get the printed Word of God out to the whole world more than any other ministry I know of.

Wycliffe Bible Translators' goal is for everyone to have God's Word in their heart language.

Bibles International provides translation services for missionaries and national church associations who do not have a Bible, or do not have a clear, reliable, and natural translation in their own language.


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 Let him who is taught the word share in all good things with him who teaches. Do not be deceived, God is not mocked;
 for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.
 (Galatians 6:6 - 7)

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