Links to the truth about cults and information to help you find God. Enter your destiny in Jesus Christ and discover what you have always been looking for, true Love, Joy, and Peace.

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THE NEW LIFE PAGE How to accept Jesus into your heart and enter your destiny as a child of The Creator of the Universe.

THE PRAYER REQUEST PAGE Send a request for prayer

THE PRAYER LIST PAGE List of People's needs to pray for. This is our complete list of all  prayer request, we also now have the Teen Prayer List Page.

THE BIBLE SAYS PAGE Find out what the Bible says about different subjects and topics that relate to you and your life.

THE MESSAGE OF THE WEEK Messages that are changed randomly as the Holy Spirit leads. Hopefully these insights will take you into a deeper relationship of knowing God.

JESUS CHRIST IS GOD Bible scriptures that show Jesus Christ is God.

"Seeking God Finding Love" This is a new book with Internet access as it progresses, the information is too important to wait for final publication.

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Links For People Searching For Truth

Sites That Proclaim Jesus Christ is God

Jesus Christ is God Bible Verses
Does The Bible Declare Jesus Christ To Be The One True God?
Jesus Christ is God: A Response to Jehovah's Witnesses


Answering Islam Muslim-Christian Dialog
Arab World Ministries
Center for Ministry to Muslims
The Injil, Good News for You
Islam - The Fastest - Growing Religion on the Earth?

My Conversion from Islam to Christianity
Islam Facts

Why Muslims become Christians, Testimonies
Kalimatullah Web Site
Research and Education Foundation
Islam Information Center
Answering Islam (Jochen Katz)
Islamic-Christian Open Dialogue Web Site
Jesus and Islam (The Books of M.N. Anderson)
The Good Way
(Christian response to Moslems)
Iranian Christians International, Inc. (UK)
Allah Divine or Demonic

Read About Jesus in the Koran

Islam 101
Jesus Christ in the Koran

Is Jesus the God of the Koran?

Other Sites About Islam



Sonrise Center for Buddhist Studies




The Ankerberg Theological Research Institute

Chick Publications

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry information on Christianity, Cults like the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) and the Jehovah's Witnesses, with information on the New Age Movement, Evolution, Christian Evangelism, Doctrine, and more.

Apologetics Index Apologetics resources on cults, sects, alternative religious movements, anticult- and counter-cult organizations, world religions and doctrines. Provides definitions, background information.


Jehovah's Witnesses

Answers to Jehovah's Witnesses
For Jehovah's Witness New Converts Information every new Jehovah's Witness should know
Watchtower Information Service
Watchtower Review

Watchtower Observer
An Appeal to Jehovah's Witnesses
Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses Course
CR&E Jehovah's Witness Resource Page
Jehovah's Witnesses religion is a non-Christian cult
Questions for Jehovah's Witnesses
Beyond Jehovah's Witnesses Breaking Free
Jesus Christ is God: A Response to Jehovah's Witnesses
Does The Bible Declare Jesus Christ To Be The One True God?


Information on Mormonism
Mormon Studies, an outreach of Berean Christian Ministries
Problems with Mormonism

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