About Seek God Ministries

We are here because we love God and we love You.

This ministry began as a calling from God in 1997 to use the Internet to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From the beginning the Lord has used the SeekGod.org website to touch people around the world. We have received thousands of responses from people who tell us how they have been blessed by the internet ministry. We have heard from people in nearly every country. This is the Lord’s doing and we are humbled by the way He is using this tool. To Jesus be all the glory.

In 2002 Gary and Suzzhette Ballard formed Seek God Ministries, a Christian ministry organization, with the purpose of making disciples of Jesus Christ and providing teachings that edify the body of Christ. Pastor Gary and Suzzhette moved their family to The Philippines in 2007 to do missions work. Suzzhette is a licensed social worker in The Philippines. Together they assist pastors, churches, and underprivileged children.

We continue to use the internet to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to encourage the body of Christ around the world. Currently, we are focused on developing God.net as a resource for God seekers, and those who desire to know Him more. We are excited about the potential to reach this generation through expanding technologies.

We hope you will pray about joining with us and being a partner of this ministry. Your donations are needed as we move forward into the harvest.

You can learn more about the ministry at the following links:

Statement of Faith

Purpose and Mission Statement

Vision Statement

About the Author


We are here to serve the Lord and those who are God seekers; to all that God the Father draws to His Son. We pray that here people will come to know God, the Father more intimately. To know God is to love Him. We pray that all that we do points to Jesus Christ as a person’s source of salvation, strength, help, and love. For those truly seeking the path of life will find that Jesus is the Way, for those seeking truth will find that Jesus is Truth, for those seeking life will find that Jesus is eternal Life.

“I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Jesus Christ (John 14:6)